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Wireless data transmission

Radio modem 433 MHz - TDM2


TDM2 The TDM2 is a very simple 433MHz band radio data modem. It provides a medium ranged half duplex, transparent data link between a pair of 9600 baud RS232 ports without any additional interface circuitry. Distance up to 500m.



Code hopping receiver with up to 5 relay outputs. KDEC is designed the user with a complete receiver interface for Radiometrix transmitters such as KTX2 and KFX2. No additional parts needed to implement a complete system suitable for applications requiring high security RF remote control. Distance up to 300m.

SpacePort Modem - SPM2

The SpacePort Modem SPM2 is a low cost highly integrated intelligent radio packet modem that enables a radio network/link to be simply implemented between a number of digital devices. The SPM uses addressable data packets with error checking, packet acknowledgements and retransmissions to achieve a reliable invisible wireless data link. Built for ease of use and rapid installation, the serial interface ensures direct connection to microprocessors or to RS232 port via RS232 driver while remote configuration enables post installation setup of the modem. Distance up to 200m.

Transparent RS232 Interface Board - TDi2

TDi2 interface board enables a cable free transparent data link between RS232 ports without any additional interface circuitry.
Frequency: 433.925 - 434.565MHz

Modem application board - M48A

The apps board presents the M48A modem, combined with a radio module and suitable interface circuits, power supplies and connectors. In the simplest case, a pair of these units can be connected directly to the serial ports of a pair of industrial PCs and the resulting wireless data link used without any further. Distance up to 5 km.

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